It is difficult to know exactly when languages began to appear in the world. Similar to other evolutionary processes, languages have evolved over a long period of time and mutated over the years, new languages appeared, some survived and others did not. Linguists observe these changes by examining the vocabulary and similarities of languages. For […]

Slang Language

We are all familiar with slang words and it seems that such words exist in all spoken languages. Slang is perceived as an informal and sometimes poor use of language. However, there is much more to it. Slang evolves in a spontaneous, playful, and creative manner. It usually develops in specific groups that add or […]

It Sounds Better in Yiddish

The Yiddish language has a reputation of being a humor and jokes kind of language—the language of the common people. But, Yiddish also has a whole intellectual and creative side. This reputation of the language probably originated back in the 18th century, during the Enlightenment period where the language was associated with the uneducated old […]

The Language of Lies

The human language can convey complex information with incredible efficiency, such as describing uplifting descriptions and philosophies in just a few words. Maybe that is what really sets humanity apart. But language might cause deception and lies. One of the unique attributes of language is the ability to say things which are not. And it […]

Language and the Law

Language is the main tool used by the law. Legal arguments are based on persuasion whether in the courtroom or during the preparation stage, and the hearings make use of unique language and legal terms. The language of the law distinguishes between norms and facts, and judgment applies norms on factual reality. Whether the norm […]

Magic words

Let’s be a little more mystical. Language creates reality not only by influencing and sweeping away audiences. Words, spells and talismans, according to the believers, have real magical power that can directly change reality, cure illness, win wars and open doors (Open Sesame!). That is, the syllables themselves (according to believers) have magical powers independent […]

The Language Revolution

Two revolutions have taken place in the field of language – the revolution of the language evolution and the revolution of language research in the academic world, which has occurred in the recent years. How can we explain the cultural evolution of human beings that evolved from a state similar to primates without language to […]

Virus of the Mind

This article jumps between different topics but bear with me and hopefully it’ll call come together in the end… Language is an indication of diversity but at the same time it’s a connection to others. Diversity provides the population with immunity but at the same time rejects others. Language in general has universal elements that […]