About Lingotip
LingoTip offers a wide range of translation services, from document translations to website and software localization, with a unique specialization in internet and technical translation solutions.
LingoTip develops and provides translation products and services specializing in the high-tech and Internet segments.
LingoTip is an innovator in the translation arena with a unique patent (pending) in the area of Natural Language Pattern Translation, introducing new innovative products and services.

Translating the world!

Our mission

As the world gets smaller and technology brings people closer, the need to bridge the language barrier increases.
Our mission is to provide groundbreaking tools and services that will bring knowledge and people closer and enable the creation of multilingual and multicultural communities.
LingoTip employs special Quality Assurance (QA) mechanisms, which include testing and auditing the translators.

All-inclusive translation company

We provide our customers with comprehensive, high-quality service at competitive prices.
Our team consists of professional translators, proofreaders, and project coordinators, from a wide range of fields, who are regularly audited to maintain the highest quality standards.
Over years of professional activity, we have developed a clear and simple workflow to ensure high quality, accuracy, and on-time delivery.
We use state-of-the-art tools to meet the customer’s needs with professionalism and precision. Our client base includes many satisfied and returning customers across the globe.